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CTCBIO Research Institute (CRI)
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Our Expertise

CTCBIO Research Institute (CRI) not only is dedicated to researching and developing vaccine based on genetic technology that prevents diseases for livestock and poultry, but also directs programs to build new connections and enhance the biotechnology community.

Moreover, our faculty is also able to conduct research a board spectrum of disciplines, including genetics and cell biology, functional genomics, animal cell culture, biodegradation of hazardous materials, molecular evolution, biological diversity, green chemistry, natural product synthesis, protein engineering… focus on human being.

Creating innovative cross-functional collaborations that break down traditional silos and lead to pioneering research and development are our targets to become leadership, not only in Vietnam.


We aim to become innovator in national biotechnology community, especially genetic recombination and vaccine that ensures the healthiness of human being & animals.


We promote and reward excellence in biotechnology research from the best and brightest minds in the next generation of innovators, through delivering more effective vaccines and practical solutions that prevents and cures diseases and result in both Human & Animal Health. Ensuring the highest quality products along with reasonable cost and leading time limitation.


Overview: In Vietnam, PRRSV on swine and avian flu on poultry still emerges in areas. Additionally, climate change and extreme weather condition effect negatively in animal immune system. The demand on preventing disease solutions for livestock and poultry is increasing rapidly. At CTCBIOtech , we are focusing on recombinant vaccines have advantages compare to traditional vaccines in various aspects, such as, safety, stable, providing broad-spectrum defense for both heteologous or heterotypic:

  • Recombinant vaccine for PRRSV.
  • Recombinant vaccine for avian flu.

Our biotechnology and bioscience community is a partnership among a number of academic, private, and public partners in the field domestically & internationally. We work closely with colleagues for rapidly applying science and high technology in biotech and veterinary medicine field. While not a complete list, a few of our closest partners are listed below:

  • Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.
  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • Han Viet lab – joint venture lab between Viet Nam and Korea.
  • Viet Nam Animal Science and Technology Institute.
  • CTCBIO Inc., Korea…