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Xin Chao!

I offer my sincere welcome to all customers visiting CTCBIO Viet Nam website.
“The Best Animal Biotechnology Company for Human Happiness”
Since the establishment in 2007 with the vision of “The Best Animal Biotechnology Company for Human Happiness”, CTCBIO Viet Nam has contributed the development of feed industry, livestock by supplying the best pharmaceuticals, feed additives and premix through close cooperation with distinguished companies, universities and research center in US, EU, China and Korea with nationwide distribution network. Recently, we became to be recognized as a good  quality manufacturer by exporting our products to Korea, Cambodia and Myanmar.
We are about to open our stock in public and approach to customers closely in 2023, after 15 years’ challenging fueled by our customers’ belief and support,.
CTCBIO Viet Nam will continuously try to have top class talent & technology, business diversification & launching for new growing markets and execution of speed management based on mutual trust.
Therefore, I promise to you that we become the best animal biotechnology company which will give the best value to all customers, stock holders and employees with passion.
Thanks a lot!


General Director